CRPR - Cynthia Raskin Public Relations

Cynthia Raskin Public Relations

Priorities and promotions for each client are determined after careful consultation. Please contact us for more information.

  • Develop individualized campaign strategy
  • Generate ideas for stories and promotions
  • Produce press releases, public service announcements, invitations, brochures, newsletters, etc
  • Pitch and schedule media features and interviews
  • Schedule and supervise photo opportunities
  • Submit column items
  • Arrange special events, fund-raisers, benefits, etc
  • Coordinate media at special events
  • Target and build traffic, membership, attendance, etc
  • Place client features in unpredictable areas of the media
  • Arrange tie-ins between client and appropriate organizations to capture a new audience
  • Offer, when possible, client’s space as location for feature movies, advertising shots, store windows, television and radio programs
  • Develop imaginative uses of client’s space for other markets, i.e., charity group meetings, fashion shows, lectures, etc.
  • Create merchandising for incentive programs
  • Tie in client press with breaking news stories, trends, holidays, etc